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Guard Force

House-16/A/2 (2nd Floor), Ring Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Office: 9123080
Hotline: 01817112721, 09613120913


1. The Definition: The Guard service means providing watch and ward service by posting trained security guards at   premises of the client with whom a contract has been signed, with a view to protecting the premises from Trespasses, Burglary, House breaking  and Theft. 

2.  Scope of Work: The Company shall provide security services to its clients as per schedules in the contract. Security duties shall mean watch & ward services; it must not be mistaken with the duties of law enforcing agencies. Duties of Guards are as follows: 

3.  Duties of the Guard(s):

i. The guard(s) on duty shall remain vigilant and protect the premises, to the best of his abilities, against   trespass, theft  & burglary.

ii. The guard(s) must wear full uniform supplied by the company while on duty.

iii. The guard(s) shall not carry out any search (body or baggage) of any person entering or leaving the premises unless written order given by the client. Such order must be known to the persons on whom the search is to be carried out.

iv. The guard(s) shall follow the instructions prepared in the post order.

v. The guard(s) shall take order/briefing from the customer or his designated representative only. 

vi.  No food, accommodation, transport & uniform to be given to the guards by the client if not stipulated specially in the contract.

4.  Responsibilities of the company:

 i.  The company shall place appropriate number of guards as per schedule of the contract.

ii. The company shall have the antecedents of the security guard(s) verified.

iii. The guards on duty shall remain vigilant to protect the user’s area from unauthorized trespasses burglary, house breaking and theft. Complains shall be attended with utmost speed.

iv. The guards shall perform duties within the framework of binding given by the clients and all duties must be relevant to security.

v.  Duty post to be checked by company supervisors at frequent intervals.

vi. Should a guard fail to report on duty, a replacement should immediately be provided by company on receiving such information from the client.

vii. All cases of incidents shall be reported to the company immediately. (Tel: 9123080, 01817112721)

viii. All cases of incidents major or minor in nature shall be reported to the customer immediately

ix.  In the event of any loss caused to the customer by theft or burglary the aggrieved party must lodge first  information report of such cognizable offence to the police station; however GUARD FORCE authority   may assist the customer in this matter.

5.  Client: The client undertakes to follow the following principles.

 i.  Any observation regarding the duty of guard(s) must be reported to the company management ASAP.

ii   The Client shall not do  any Monetary Transactions with Guards.  

iii. The client shall not allow any leave or holiday to any guard.

iv. Guard should not be detailed to work in any place other than scheduled in the contract.

v. The client shall not offer/provide jobs to the guard provided by GUARD FORCE.

vi. The client undertakes to pay his monthly bill within the (5) Five days of every month.

vii. Under no circumstances the client shall withhold any payment which is due to the company.

viii. In the event of a bill not been paid in time, the company (Guard Force) reserves the right to withdraw the security guard(s) without prior intimation.

ix   On signing the contract the client shall pay advance a sum of 01 (one) month service bill which shall be held as security deposit that to be adjusted in the last month service bill. 

x.  VAT & Taxes shall be paid by the client.

6. Renewal:

This agreement shall be renewed for a further term of one year subject to the mutual agreement and service charge will be increased by 10%.