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House-16/A/2 (2nd Floor), Ring Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

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 Tradecon International 

Established in the year 1995, working of Interior & Exterior decorator construction of LT/HT Line. We are engaged in Repair & Maintenance of Sub-Station, Switching Station, Breaker, HT/LT Line & Transformer Repair, Electrical internal wiring Break down etc. We also provide services for load Sanction installation of Sub-Station for Apartment, Industries and other installations at low price with quick service.


CCTV Surveillance System & Solutions:

We provide HD quality CCTV Security Surveillance System & its long time support & solutions. Genuine & quality devices, manufactured warranty, expert installation & dedicated support after sales enrich.






Interior & Exterior works:


Construction & interior and exterior decoration of building, road, ATM Booth etc.


Our Valued Clients:


IFIC Bank , Dutch-Bangla Bank , LGED, DPDC, DESCO, REB, Duet etc.

Our fingerprint or RFID Access Control & Time Attendance System ensuring the authorized access to your required area with timing make obstacle any single unauthorized access to the required area specially built for corporate offices, factories, warehouses, hotels, clubs and etc. On the other hand we provide Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm / Detection Systems specially built for commercial buildings, corporate offices, shops, outlets, markets, mills, factories, warehouse and etc. with the guideline of BNBC.