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Guard Force

House-16/A/2 (3rd Floor),
Block-F, Ring Road,

Telephone: (+88) 02 912 3080
Office:(+88) 0961 31 209 13
Admin: (+88) 01817 11 27 21
Operation: (+88) 01838 86 15 02


Recruiting & Training Process


We appreciate the importance of proper recruitment in order to maintain the quality service. We employ the method to recruit the man power through News Paper Advertisement, Agent, Reliable Source, Serving Guards and Supervisor to bring their relatives.

Required Qualification for Recruitment:

a) Bangladeshi citizen holding NID or Birth Certificate.

b) The minimum height for males is 5’-5”

c) The minimum height for females is 5’-1”.

d) Must have passed the Class VIII and able to read & write.

e) Age should be between 18 to 55 years old.



The Company has training center with adequate Training Facilities to train up the service personnel like- Security Guards, Cleaner, and Support Staff by experienced trainer. After recruiting candidates are given 15 to 30 days residential training on respective branch. For security guards:- physical fitness training, behavioral training, combating, basic fire fighting training, emergency situation handling etc.